3 Reasons to Hire Auto Accident Legal Services in Wilkes-Barre, PA

by | Feb 23, 2017 | Lawyers

There are many reasons to use Auto Accident Legal Services in Wilkes-Barre PA, but many people hire a lawyer when the other driver’s insurance company is reluctant to pay a legitimate claim. In this guide, potential clients can learn why it’s important to hire an attorney after an auto accident.

An Attorney Can Value a Claim

Most victims are unaware of how much they can recover from an accident injury claim. Although there are calculators that can provide a rough estimate, the claims valuation process is about more than plugging numbers into a formula. An injury lawyer will understand the subtleties of a case, and he or she can analyze the client’s injuries, put a value on pain and suffering, and negotiate a fair settlement. Most lawyers take accident cases on a contingency fee basis, which means the victim has no upfront cost and little risk.

Lawyers Know the Legal Process

Even if a client has an idea of the value of his or her claim, they may be unfamiliar with the processes of mediation and litigation. Clients may not know which documents to submit or be aware of the statute of limitations. A lack of legal knowledge on the client’s part can allow a savvy insurer to beat the case on a technicality, but a lawyer can level the field between his or her client and the other driver’s insurer.

An Attorney can Improve the Client’s Odds

Going up against an insurer is like getting ready for war, and handling a case without Auto Accident Legal Services in Wilkes-Barre PA is like showing up unarmed. Regardless of how well a client prepares, they may not win without help. Insurers have tremendous bargaining power, and they use it to minimize payouts and protect their interests. The biggest weapon in a client’s arsenal is an attorney who can maximize the chances of a favorable settlement.

Most auto accident cases are settled before they go to trial, and statistics show juries tend to rule against insurers. Therefore, hiring an attorney with The Law Office of Robert D. Elias can show the other party’s insurance company a client is willing to go to court if necessary. When the insurer believes they may lose at trial, they may be motivated to offer a fairer, earlier settlement.

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