3 Ways an Entertainment Lawyer Can Help You

by | May 7, 2019 | Attorneys General Practice

If you are professional involved in the performing arts in any way, there’s a good chance you will need the advice of an entertainment lawyer Toronto sooner or later. The range of services that the legal counsel will offer is broad and designed to protect the interests of the client. Here are a few examples of what the entertainment lawyer can do for you.

Drafting Agreements on Your Behalf

Whether you are a professional writer with a focus on scripts, an actor, or a musician, there are bound to be contracts and agreements related to any of the projects that you take on. . When you are the person responsible for presenting a contract or other agreement to the client, it’s important to make sure the terms and conditions are ones that you can honor. The lawyer will know how to draft a document that’s fair, incorporates any verbal promises you made to the client, and ensure that everything is in full compliance with current laws.

Going Over Agreements and Providing Advice

Perhaps you’ve been presented with a contract or agreement for a project. In this scenario, it’s up to you to read the agreement terms and determine if they are in line with what you and the other party discussed. You also want to make sure you understand every aspect of the obligation you are making.

In this scenario, the entertainment lawyer goes over the contents of the contract, explains them to you thoroughly, and provides advice in terms of the legality of the provisions. You will still have to decide if the terms are agreeable or if you want some changes to be made.

Representing You in a Contractual Negotiation

Perhaps there are a couple of things in the contract that you don’t like. Maybe there are some additional terms you would like added. The entertainment lawyer Toronto can negotiate with the other party and seek to come up with terms that everyone is happy with. This is important, since it’s not just about making sure you can honor the terms. You also want to ensure that you are fairly compensated for your efforts.

If it has to do with entertainment law in any form, it makes sense to talk with an entertainment lawyer today. The advice and support that you receive could make a difference in your career as well as your income level.

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