4 Important Qualities to Find in a Criminal Defense Attorney in Hillsboro MO

by | May 3, 2017 | Lawyers

When a person faces criminal charges, the lawyer they choose may be the most significant determining factor in the outcome of the case and its effects on the rest of their life. The stakes are high when hiring a lawyer, and many clients don’t know which qualities to focus on. If someone is charged with a criminal offense, they should hire a Criminal Defense Attorney in Hillsboro MO with the important attributes listed below.


While it is not necessarily true that a younger attorney can’t provide a solid defense, during a criminal case, it’s best to err on the side of caution and experience. The client should ask the attorney about his or her experience with similar cases and find out about those cases’ outcomes.

A Narrow Focus

When possible, a client should look for a lawyer who focuses exclusively on criminal cases. During initial consultations, defendants should ask the lawyer what percentage of the practice consists of criminal cases, and they should also ask what types of cases the firm normally accepts.

A History of Success

While past results are no indicator of future outcomes, they can provide valuable insights into the kind of service a client can expect from a Criminal Defense Attorney in Hillsboro MO. During the interview process, clients should ask what percentage of cases are settled in plea deals, how many are taken to trial, and how often the lawyer is successful.

An Extensive Professional Network

Criminal lawyers should have good working relationships with judges, courtroom staff, prosecutors and local police. While the relationship shouldn’t be casual and friendly, it should be one of mutual trust and respect. This relationship can be extremely beneficial, particularly if the case’s facts are firm and the client would prefer to accept a plea deal rather than take the case to trial.

The lawyers at the Wegmann Law Firm have years of experience in handling a variety of criminal cases. Whether a client is facing felony or misdemeanor charges, they can rely on the legal team to help them achieve the best potential outcome in their case. Visit the firm online to learn about its services, or call the office today to get in touch with an experienced criminal lawyer.

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