4 Times a Property Attorney in Athens, TN Can Help

by | Sep 11, 2018 | Lawyers

When buying a house, most people work with real estate agents, banks, title companies, and inspectors. However, an attorney is an important team member as well. Many home buyers don’t consider lawyers a crucial part of real estate transactions, but in certain circumstances, having a Property Attorney in Athens TN is a good idea.

For First-Time Home Buyers

If a client is purchasing his or her first home, there’s likely a great deal of information and lingo they’ve never heard. A real estate or property lawyer can help them understand the terms of a deal and avoid being taken advantage of. Hiring a lawyer may seem expensive, but it’s worth it regarding legal protection and increased peace of mind.

When There’s a Problem Between a Seller and a Buyer

Most home sales and purchases go smoothly, but problems occasionally arise. Lawyers can help sort them out. For instance, if a seller becomes reluctant after receiving a higher offer, an attorney will help their client enforce the terms of a contract.

Title Issues

When buying or selling a home, title problems sometimes come up. In some instances, an owner may want to sell but can’t because of unpaid debts. Or, if a spouse got the marital home in the divorce but the ex-spouse’s name is still on the deed, there may be an issue. A property lawyer will help the client make the necessary changes so they can go ahead with the sale.

DIY Home Sales

When a client does an FSBO (for sale by owner), they should hire a Property Attorney in Athens TN for help drafting the right documents for sale. An attorney’s help is crucial in these situations to ensure that the deal’s terms are fair and legal.

Stay on the Safe Side: Hire a Property Lawyer for Every Real Estate Transaction

A property or real estate attorney can help a buyer or seller navigate the legal process without any of the associated risks. Browse the website for more information on the firm’s services or call the office of Chancey-Kanavos to speak to a local property attorney.

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