5 Ways to be Successful With the Help of a Child Custody Lawyer in Carrolton, GA

by | Dec 12, 2016 | Child Custody

It is important to understand that Georgia law requires child custody decisions to be based on the child’s best interests. Laws are gender-neutral, which means there’s no assumption that either parent will automatically receive custody. Here, parents can get some valuable tips that may increase their chances of a favorable custody arrangement.

Be an Active Participant in the Child’s Life

Aside from providing for the children’s basic needs, being an active participant in the child’s life can give a parent the edge in child custody actions. Knowing the names of the child’s teachers, attending conferences, and being there for a child’s sports games and recitals can go a significant way in a custody case.

Monitor Online Activity

Technology such as the internet and text messaging can record nearly everything a person does and says and, if care isn’t taken, parents can portray one another in a negative way. Evidence from social media and text messages can be very damaging. Parents should avoid acting out both in public and online, as a child custody lawyer in Carrollton GA knows how to use these statements to their client’s advantage.

Encourage the Child to Have a Relationship With Their Other Parent

Family court judges and attorneys usually look favorably on parents who support the children’s relationship with the non-custodial parent. Conversely, if the custodial parent tries to negatively influence the child’s relationship with the other parent, it can be damaging to a custody claim. Parents should strive to prove to the court that the child’s best interests are a priority-;and part of that is to recognize the value of the child’s relationship with the other parent.

Handle Parental Fitness Issues

A parent who uses drugs and alcohol may have problems when seeking custody. Judges take allegations of substance abuse seriously, and the courts have the right to require parents to submit to drug testing and other evaluations. If a parent has a drug or alcohol issue, they should immediately seek treatment.

Listen to an Attorney

A child custody case can be emotionally draining and stressful for everyone involved. These cases can involve multiple personal, situational, and legal factors, and consequences can be permanent. Parents should click here to consult an experienced Child Custody Lawyer in Carrollton GA before going ahead with a child custody or divorce action.

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