A Probate Attorney in Bradenton, FL Can Assure Distribution of Assets

by | Apr 26, 2022 | Lawyers

The process of transferring property or assets from a deceased person to a living one is known as probate. This process can be a lot more difficult and comprehensive than it may seem, requiring the help of a professional.

That is where a probate attorney in Bradenton, FL from Grivas Law Group, P.A. can wind up coming in handy. Don’t get stuck in the probate process without the answers you need.


As stated, the probate process is where property or other assets are transferred from a deceased person to a living one. This is usually through a last will and testament or some form of trust that declares what assets go to which individual.

Though this may seem cut and dry, working with a probate attorney in Bradenton, FL is your best course of action. It ensures that the transfer goes as it should and is as painless and hassle-free as possible.

Last Will and Testament

Before the probate process can begin, there must first be documentation in place that declares which individuals or organizations receive property and other assets. This is where the last will and testament would come into play.

By working with an attorney you can ensure that anything you want left behind can go to the appropriate party. Otherwise, the estate can become a free-for-all and that has been known to divide families far too often in the past. Take the uncertainty out of the process.

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