A Workers Comp Attorney in Ft. Pierce FL Represents Clients When Payments End Too Soon

by | Jul 4, 2018 | Lawyers

People who are about to start receiving workers compensation benefits may have questions about whether they are not allowed to do certain activities before they return to work. They may worry about having the benefits cut short if the employer or insurer finds out since some activity might make it seem the injury isn’t all that serious. When employees have their claims disputed, they may need a Workers Comp Attorney in Ft. Pierce FL to resolve the situation.

What About Travelling?

Since the person is off from work and receiving checks to make up for lost wages, this might seem like the perfect time to travel on vacation. That is acceptable as long as this individual doesn’t engage in activities the doctor has recommended avoiding, or that would contradict the injury claim. Otherwise, the payments may be ended, and the individual may have to hire a Workers Comp Attorney in Ft. Pierce FL for legal representation.

What About Exercise?

If an employee receives benefits because of debilitating back pain and then is seen participating in the vigorous athletic activity, this will likely raise suspicion about the claim validity. This probably isn’t the time to spend an hour every day in the fitness center lifting weights or using the rowing machine. On the other hand, taking walks around the block may be acceptable.

Common Sense

Essentially, using common sense will provide the answers to how active to be while receiving benefits. The person should ask the doctor or physical therapist whether or not it’s OK to rake leaves, go swimming, drive across the country or any other activities that are being considered. If the person can safely do these things but should not be working full-time or even part-time yet, this should be documented in writing.

Most people who receive workers compensation are honest about the extent of their injury and don’t try to drag out the time they are off work. But insurers are always watching for signs of fraud, and they may stop paying on a claim if they suspect this. A person dealing with that kind of scenario may contact a law firm such as Matheson, Horowitz & Devonmille for assistance.

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