After an Attack, a Person Can Get Help from an Injury Lawyer

by | Jan 20, 2016 | Lawyers

Most injury cases involve negligence, but not all of them. In fact, if a person is injured due to the direct action of another individual, they might be entitled to compensation for their injuries. This comes into play with assault, murder, and other criminal cases. This is done separate from the criminal case, and a person will want to hire an injury lawyer to help them. To understand how obtaining this compensation works, it’s a good idea to understand the different cases involved in one incident.

The Criminal Aspect of the Case

When an attack happens, the responsible individual may be arrested immediately or after a significant amount of investigation. They may decide to plead guilty or they may go through a trial to be found guilty or innocent. If they are convicted, they will be sentenced according to the legal guidelines for the crime or crimes they committed.

The Civil Aspect of the Case

The person who is injured may be entitled to compensation for their injuries, which is usually done by going to court and having the case heard by a civil judge. If they are entitled to compensation, this is when they will be awarded it. This is separate from the criminal case and will be handled on a different timeline.

How the Aspects Work Together

The results of a civil case will likely have no bearing on the criminal case; however, the criminal case can be used in the civil case as proof the person did commit the crime and is liable for the victim’s injuries. The cases are handled separately though, and the victim will likely not need to hire a lawyer to help with the criminal case. They will simply focus on the civil case and obtaining compensation for their injuries.

If a person has been attacked and injured by another person, an injury lawyer can help them with the civil case to ensure they receive compensation for their injuries. This can help ensure they are not financially responsible for the injuries and resulting bills that were caused by another person. For more information or to find out what your options are for your own situation, contact a lawyer from Dulaney Lauer & Thomas, LLP today.

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