An Agency Providing 24 Hour Bail Bonds in Georgetown, TX Reduces Some of the Stress

by | Dec 13, 2018 | Bail Bonds Service

Coming up with the cash to pay bail for a loved one can be a major headache for some individuals and truly impossible for others. In the meantime, people who have a lot of money in the bank can essentially buy their way out of jail and stay free until trial. A service providing 24 hour bail bonds in Georgetown, TX makes an effort to level the field to a certain extent so that lower-income men and women also can be released.

Problems With the Bail Schedule

The idea that amounts for bail connected with specific crimes are set in stone, so to speak, has seemed outdated for a long time. However, it’s difficult for jurisdictions to know how to proceed without that bail schedule. Ideally, only people who are dangerous, a significant flight risk, or a likely repeat offender would have to remain behind bars before trial. For everyone to be assessed the same amount of bail for a nonviolent crime, no matter what their income level is, seems unreasonable to many U.S. residents. The situation has created the demand for 24 hour bail bonds in Georgetown, TX.

Some U.S. residents inquire about offenders who have been caught in the act. Why should they be released on bail if they can’t afford it? One of the stances might be that only poor people steal from stores, so those cash bail schedules never apply to wealthier individuals. Numerous reports have been made of wealthy celebrities being caught shoplifting, apparently because they find the activity stimulating. They don’t have to wait in jail for trial; they simply hand over the required bail and go back to their lives.

Reducing the Stress

Finding a way to get a loved one out of jail is a stressful time, but a bail bonds service can make it less overwhelming. After the representative reviews the application for a bond and verifies that the applicant is a suitable risk for this service, the process is relatively speedy. Paperwork is filed, the bond is posted, and the arrested person is released. Anyone needing this type of help may contact an organization such as Williamson County Bail Bond.

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