Allow Criminal Defense Lawyers in Hartford WI to Protect Your Rights

by | Jan 13, 2016 | Lawyers

Though most people do not set out to break the law and get arrested, mistakes can be made. When a person has been arrested for suspicion of a crime, they must do all they can to protect their rights and hire Criminal Defense Lawyers in Hartford WI. A criminal defense lawyer is crucial for any type of criminal charges, especially the serious ones that could lead to felony convictions. The sooner a person hires a lawyer to represent them, the less chance of them dealing with issues that could impede the outcome of their case.

When a person is arrested, they are immediately read their Miranda Rights. A person who has been arrested without being read their rights could end up being set free because the proper law was not carried out. If a person carefully listens to their rights, they will better know how to protect them so they can hope for the best outcome possible.

It is crucial one does not speak unless their lawyer is present. They should not agree to make statements or responding to any questions until they have been allowed to talk with their lawyer and have been advised on what to expect and how to proceed. This can prevent a person from giving information that could be used against them. It can also protect them from the questions that may be unfairly asked.

The Criminal Defense Lawyers in Hartford WI can keep a charged person informed of what they can expect through every step of the process in their trial. The lawyer may be able to work with the district attorney to form some type of plea deal that allows for a more favorable outcome. This will depend on whether or not the person has a previous record and the charges they are facing.

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