Am I Entitled to a Workers Compensation Settlement in Joliet, IL?

by | Dec 5, 2023 | Personal Injury Lawyers

Did you get injured while at work? You may qualify for a workers compensation settlement.

You deserve to work in a safe environment, and your employer is responsible for maintaining a hazard-free workplace. If you were injured while following company safety procedures, the company’s workers compensation policy should cover your damages.

Of course, insurance policies can get complicated. You also may feel unsure about certain details related to the injury and how those details impact liability. A workers compensation attorney in Joliet, IL can review your case to give you specific guidance regarding your claim.

To give you some base knowledge before your consultation with a lawyer, here are some basics regarding what workers compensation does and does not cover.

What is Covered by Workers Compensation

Workers compensation covers injuries that an employee endured while working on the business’s property or while performing work at an off-site location. It also covers employees attending mandatory work outings. Workers compensation also covers injuries faced by employees working from home, as long as they are on the clock. It will also cover injuries sustained when in the employer’s parking lot directly before or after a break or a shift.

What Is Not Covered by Workers Compensation?

Workers compensation will not cover damages caused by the employee’s own reckless behavior. For example, if an employee decides not to wear personal protective equipment, which leads to an injury, the employee will be liable for their own damages. It also doesn’t cover damages sustained during the employee’s commute to or from work (unless explicitly stated otherwise). Workers compensation also won’t cover intentional, self-inflicted injuries.

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