An Accident Involving A Large Truck Can Be Catastrophic

by | Mar 14, 2016 | Lawyers

With a large, fully laden commercial vehicle weighing as much as 25 times that of a typical passenger car you can quickly appreciate what the catastrophic consequences can be. Due to this huge difference in weight and the most basic rules of physics the majority of accidents involving 18 wheelers end up causing serious and often fatal injuries.

If you or a family member should be involved in an accident with a large truck you may be entitled to compensation for the injuries you sustained and the loss of property. It is important however that you arrange to meet and discuss the circumstances of the incident with a seasoned truck accident lawyer in New Orleans.

The dangers of large truck accidents:

It is not that the majority of truck drivers are reckless, they are not; statistically truck drivers are far more cautious than car drivers but unfortunately, accidents between a truck and a car often results in serious injury and death. In many cases it is not the drivers fault, the accident may be caused by negligence on the part of other drivers as well as road hazards. Large truck accidents can be even worse depending on the load they are carrying. There are bound to be significant secondary injury and damage if the truck is carrying gasoline or other flammable liquid.

Potential defendants:

In a large truck accident the primary theory of liability is negligence. Your truck accident lawyer in New Orleans will attempt to prove that a dependant, and there are many, failed to exercise reasonable care and it was this breach is what caused the accident.

There are numerous possible defendants in an accident involving a large truck, not only the driver of course but the trucking company, contractors as well as employees might be named in a lawsuit and be held responsible. If there was an employer/employee relationship between the driver and the trucking company, the company may be found liable for driver actions. A truck accident lawyer in New Orleans will show that the company was responsible for controlling the driver and the accident happened while the vehicle driver was performing duties in the course of employment.

This is potentially a problem if the driver was not an employee but was an independent contractor of another company; in cases such as this the issue revolves around the amount of or lack of supervision of the driver by the company.

Huge trucks which are carelessly operated or have been loaded improperly are extremely dangerous. If you are involved in an accident with an 18 wheeler you will need the services of a truck accident lawyer in New Orleans. You are invited to discuss the circumstances of your case with the Business Name.

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