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An Experienced Family Law Lawyer in Denver Will Help Resolve Your Custody Problems

The breakup of a family is always devastating to everyone involved. Child welfare experts often say children will adjust in time, and to some extent that is true. However, the experts are speaking of ‘average’ or ‘most’ children. Some children handle their parent’s divorce fairly well, but many experience long-term suffer from the breakup of their family.

The Importance of Having a Parenting Plan

The courts encourage parents to work together and develop a parenting plan. This plan should be drawn up by both parents with the assistance of a family law lawyer in Denver and should include:

• Where the child will live

• Amount of time each parent will spend with the child

• How the child will split time between two homes

• The holiday schedule and which holiday the child will spend at each house. It’s important for the child to always know where he/she will celebrate the holidays.

It would be foolish to present a parenting plan that is one-sided or that favors or excludes either parent. The court would be unlikely to approve such a parenting plan. On the other hand, if the court is presented with a reasonable parenting plan, it will likely turn the parenting plan into the official court order. If it is left to the court to draw up a parenting plan, it is not likely that either parent will be happy with the plan.

The attorneys at Bloch & Chapleau, LLC, are dedicated to protecting their clients’ rights. Each family law lawyer in Denver believes in keeping their client informed about their case at all times so that the client can better evaluate their options. Browse their website to review the services offered by this law firm and to schedule an appointment.