How to Approach a Personal Injury Lawyer in Newberg, OR

by | May 4, 2017 | Lawyers

A personal injury lawyer is a professional who can help you with legal issues pertaining to personal injuries. These cases are handled in civil courts, and as a result, you should know that the maximum compensation you can receive is damages for the injuries that you have sustained. You will need to hire a lawyer that specializes in handling personal injury cases, as they have more experience in handling such cases, and will thus be able to guide you better. The first impression you make on the lawyer counts for a lot; they will have to decide whether your case is genuine and whether they should take it up or not. Therefore, you need to make sure that you make the right impression. Here are a few tips on how to correctly approach a personal injury lawyer.

Be Truthful

Many people often hide important facts relating to their case just because they feel that it will reduce their chances of getting a higher compensation. That is a terrible idea, and if the lawyer finds out later, they might leave the case altogether. There is a clause in the contract that explicitly states this, so make sure you are as truthful as possible. Reputable law firms such as don’t often reject cases that appear to be genuine.


You should know that negotiation is a very important tool when it comes to hiring a personal injury lawyer in Newberg, OR. Some lawyers charge a fee per case, regardless of the outcome, while others will take a percentage of the winnings. No matter which option seems better, try to negotiate as much as possible to get the lawyer at the lowest possible fee. Most lawyers have a base rate, so try to whittle down the payment as much as you can. Click here for more details about the professional personal injury lawyer in Newberg, OR.

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