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Are DUI Lawyers in Cumberland County PA Necessary When Someone Is Guilty?

Someone gets behind the wheel after having a few drinks. They believe they’re okay to drive, but when they’re stopped by the police, it turns out they’re over the legal limit for driving, so they get arrested. Do they need to hire DUI lawyers in Cumberland County PA? Yes. It’s always a good idea to hire a lawyer after an arrest, even if there is evidence the person is guilty.

The BAC Test Could Have Been Faulty

The BAC (blood alcohol content) test done by officers needs to be properly calibrated and conducted properly during the stop. There’s actually a lot that could go wrong, making it look like the person was over the legal limit for driving when they were really under the legal limit. Hiring a lawyer fast may enable the person to prove they were not actually driving while over the legal BAC limit and could lead to the charges being dismissed.

There’s a Chance the Stop Was Unlawful

Police officers must have a reason to stop a vehicle. They must also have a reason to do the BAC test. Typically, the reason used is that the person was swerving and their breath smelled like alcohol. However, a lawyer might be able to provide evidence that the police officer did not have a reason to stop the vehicle or suspect the person of driving under the influence. If this happens, it may be possible to have the charges dismissed on the basis that the evidence is not valid because it was collected during an unlawful stop.

The Sentence Can Be Minimized

Even if the evidence cannot be dismissed and the person is found guilty of driving under the influence, there is still a chance for the lawyer to help. The lawyer may be able to convince the judge to offer the minimum sentence. This can help the person minimize time spent in jail, fines, and other penalties they might be facing.

DUI lawyers in Cumberland County PA are available to help those who have been arrested and charged with driving under the influence. If you’ve been arrested, make sure you contact a lawyer immediately to get help with your case. Check out Jameson Stone Law now to learn more or to find a lawyer that can help you.