Assessing Case Details with a Dog Bite Lawyer in Norwich, CT

by | Jan 16, 2018 | Lawyers

In Connecticut, all laws pertaining to dog attacks are covered under section 22-357 of the state’s general statutes. The conditions that constitute a dog attack are highlighted in the statute. It also indicates what conditions could prevent a victim from filing a claim. A dog bite lawyer in Norwich, CT explains all laws that apply to the events and how a victim files their claim.

What Was the Victim Doing Prior to the Attack?

The actions of the victim determine if they have a viable claim. Under the state statute, the victim cannot break any laws prior to the dog attack. The most common crimes related to a dog attack are trespassing, breaking and entering, and animal abuse.

Does a One-Bite Ruling Apply?

No, the state doesn’t use a one-bite ruling in dog attack cases. The rulings forgive the first bite and prevent a claim if only one bite occurred. In the state of Connecticut, it doesn’t matter how many times the dog bites the victim; the owner is accountable. The state also introduces a strict liability in dog attack cases.

What Expenses Does the Owner Face?

The dog owner would face the expense of quarantine if they failed to vaccinate their dog. The state has strict laws about rabies vaccinations for all domestic pets. The owner must provide evidence of the vaccinations to the county animal control officer. Without proper vaccinations, the owner has to pay the full expense of the quarantine and vaccinations.

If the victim wins their case, the dog owner pays all the victim’s medical costs. Any history of previous attacks initiates the strict liability. The ruling requires the pet owner to pay an additional award for pain and suffering. The dog owner also has to pay fines based on their failure to obey the law.

In Connecticut, the laws require all pet owners to stop the possibility of a dog attack. Owners must follow leash laws and prevent their dogs from escaping the exterior of their property. Victims who are injured due to someone else’s failure to follow the law can contact a dog bite lawyer in Norwich, CT through Stephen M. Reck or visit our website for more info now.

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