Benefits of Hiring an Auto Injury Lawyer in Nassau County, NY

by | Sep 19, 2017 | Lawyers

Every year, there are over six million traffic-related and automobile collisions in the U.S. Such collisions result in fatalities or serious injuries to the individuals involved and may require a prolonged stay in a healthcare facility for full recovery. Many of these car wrecks and collisions would not have taken place if ir weren’t for the inattention, careless driving or negligence of the other party.

Consequences of an Auto Accident

Because of such negligence on the road, thousands of individuals suffer bodily injuries, endure suffering and pain and undergo physical and emotional trauma. They also have to face futures filled with discomfort and uncertainty. Family members also have to go through the pain of watching the suffering of their loved one.

Payment of Adequate Compensation

It is only right that the party or parties responsible pay adequate compensation to victims and their families for their actions. The compensation helps the victims and family members to pay off medical bills and recompense them for loss of earning power during the stay at a medical facility. Depending on the extent of the injuries, the law determines the amount of compensation to be paid out to victims by the responsible party and their insurance provider.

Reluctance of Insurance Firms to Pay Adequate Compensation to Victims

However, many of these firms look for ways to cheat victims of their rightful due. They look for loopholes in the law to exploit, and in many cases, they try to get victims to agree to a lesser compensation amount. They also look for ways to avoid paying the compensation at all or knowingly delay in the hope that the victims and their family members become discouraged and drop the claim.

Benefits of Hiring an Injury Lawyer

This is why victims need to engage the services of an expert injury lawyer in Nassau County, NY. These lawyers have the skills and experience to gather the necessary evidence to prove the negligence of the responsible party. They also follow the proper process and use legal means to force insurance companies to pay victims an adequate compensation. They represent the victim’s interest during negotiations and ensure that they are not cheated.

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