Benefits Provided by a Clayton County Bail Bond Agent

by | Jun 4, 2018 | Legal Services

Since the majority of Clayton County citizens are law-abiding, most know very little about the legal system. As a result, they arrange for help from companies like Free At Last Bail Bonds if arrested. Bond professionals have a lot of experience with the courts and are willing to write bonds guaranteeing their clients will appear for court dates if they are released. Agents charge clients a small fee for the service and, in exchange, a bail bondsman in Clayton County will take care of all paperwork and walk the client through all necessary steps.

Bond Agents Can Speed Up Processesa

A bail bondsman in Clayton County has years of experience and many valuable contacts in the area courts. As a result, they are well aware of rules, regulations, and ways processes can be sped up. For example, bond agents know which clients are eligible for nearly immediate release, while other cases are a bit more complex. In any case, they work much more efficiently than a client could on their own. Many of their clients are freed so soon that friends and relatives may not even know they were arrested.

Agents Take Care of the Paperwork

Although bail bondsmen make their jobs look easy, the behind-the-scenes work they do is anything but. For example, court documents can be long, complicated and confusing, but agents routinely navigate them quickly. They also ensure that all papers related to the case are letter-perfect so there is no chance of an error that could affect the case. Agents protect clients’ privacy when they write bonds. Without this step, a judge might ask a client who is paying bail in cash to provide sensitive items like pay stubs or tax documents.

Defendants Save a Lot of Money

When agents write bonds for clients, they generally charge them about 10% of the bail amount. That leaves defendants with enough money to live on or even hire attorneys. Without bail bonds, many defendants would stay in jail until their court dates, causing some to lose their jobs.

Professionals in the bail bond field expedite their clients’ releases by navigating complex court systems and documents. They ensure that all paperwork is accurate and save clients money by helping them avoid paying the entire bail amount.

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