A Brief Review Of Trademark Registration Challenges In Dubai

by | Jul 17, 2017 | Lawyers and Law Firms

In Dubai, as well as around the world, a trademark is a way for a business to be immediately identifiable. It is part of branding and marketing, and it is also a way for the government to identify businesses and to benefit the economy.

The UAE does have strict regulations on trademark registration. This is mostly directed at what is not allowed as part of the trademark for business. According to Federal Law, a trademark can include names, signatures, words, letters, voices, graphics, logos, pictures, patterns, seals or other types of lines or marks that are used to identify a good, product, service or the source of the good, product or service.

Prohibitive Elements

There are many different possible issues that can violate the trademark registration law. This will result in the trademark registration being denied by the Ministry of Economy. Even if approved the trademark registration is not complete until the approved application is posted in two Arabic newspapers to allow for other parties to file an objection.

When developing a trademark in Dubai, avoid using the following:

  • Religious symbols or terms
  • Using common names of goods or services to identify your product or service
  • Any symbols of coins, bank notes or any type of national or foreign medals or military insignia
  • Trademarks that are similar to already registered trademarks or translations of established trademarks
  • Any image, word or text that is contrary to the public order or seen as offensive
  • Any use of symbols, including flags, of the UAE or other countries
  • The use of anyone’s name without their consent or the consent of their heirs
  • The use of specific degrees if they are not granted to the business owner

Once granted, the trademark is registered to the owner who will obtain a certificate with a registration number. This registration can be used in all seven of the Emirates. Browse the website www.stalawfirm.com for more information.

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