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Chicago Disability Attorney Helps Fight for Invisible Disabilities

Too often you hear stories of people with an invisible disability parking in a handicapped parking spot and then some harsh and ignorant person gives them the third degree. Quite arguably, people who can’t see your disability because it doesn’t require a wheelchair, crutches, or other devices are cruel. You can’t educate everyone, but you would hope that government entities would know better.

The truth is, when it comes to a disability that isn’t visually obvious, the government agents and agencies are lacking. It’s why your claim for disability benefits has been denied again and again. Dealing with a disability that’s invisible requires even greater proof for Social Security to finally approve you for benefits.

Getting Social Security Disability Benefits in Waukegan

Your first step in getting social security disability benefits in Waukegan is to speak to a Chicago lawyer that’s been fighting these cases for years. These lawyers understand the impact it has on you dealing with a disability that s invisible. They can help you win your case and finally get your benefits so that you can focus on living a better, healthier life as much as you are able.

Collecting Proof

Proof of an invisible disability comes from psychiatrists, therapists, medications prescribed to treat your problems, and your work history, which has to be really spotty or non-existent. This supports your claim that you cannot work and should be receiving benefits. Contact Jeffrey A. Rabin & Associates, Ltd., Libertyville, to schedule a free consultation today.