When to Contact an Automobile Accident Lawyer in Hollywood, FL

by | Nov 14, 2017 | Lawyers

Modern automobiles often suffer severe damage after even minor collisions. In addition to the inconvenience or expense of having to replace a vehicle after an accident, many people involved in car crashes are seriously injured. While seat belts and air bags may prevent death in car accidents, they aren’t always able to prevent serious injuries. When a driver or their passengers are involved in a crash while not wearing a seatbelt, the injuries could be even worse.

Physical Injuries

Physical injuries are the most obvious harm that can result from distracted driving. Broken bones, brain injuries, and amputations could all happen when a person is in a collision. Although some people might walk away from seemingly serious accidents, others spend a substantial amount of time in the hospital or at home recovering from injuries. Anyone who is hurt badly in a car crash caused by another driver should contact an Automobile Accident Lawyer Hollywood FL residents trust as soon as possible.

Financial Stress

Insurance companies typically pay the costs associated with property damage. Unfortunately, this payment isn’t always prompt and can leave accident victims without a car to drive to doctor’s appointments, work, or anywhere else they may need to go. It could also be challenging for those who are unable to work to get compensation for their lost wages. An Automobile Accident Lawyer Hollywood FL insurance companies respect could help a victim get the compensation they need quickly.

Recovering from a car accident could be stressful for someone who doesn’t have the support and guidance of an experienced attorney from Law Offices of McCullough & Leboff P.A. Lawyers who work with accident victims every day are more likely to be able to get in touch with the right person at the insurance company to get the claim processed in the fasted way possible.

In some cases, this means settling the claim and putting the money in the hands of the one who needs it most right away. In other cases, this might mean litigation. It’s important for anyone involved in a serious crash to choose a lawyer that has courtroom experience in case they need it.

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