Denied? You May Need a Disability Lawyer in Winfield to Get the Benefits You Deserve

by | Nov 6, 2020 | Lawyer

Many people who file disability claims on their own are denied for benefits the first time they request them. This isn’t because the Social Security Administration thinks you are lying about your disability or attempting to get benefits you don’t deserve. The problem is that there are so many fraudulent claims that the SSA has to carefully examine each application for benefits to ensure the requested information is provided completely and accurately. One mistake on your application could result in a denial letter.

It is important to not let that denial discourage you from fighting for the disability benefits you are entitled to receive. While you were healthy and able to work, you paid into the Social Security system assuming it would be there for you if you ever needed it. If you give up after your initial claim is denied, you may never receive the benefits you need to pay your rent or mortgage and feed your family. A disability lawyer in Winfield may be able to help you through the process and get your claim approved.

Disability lawyers work with the SSA on a regular basis and know what information they expect to see on an application for benefits. A lawyer can review your claim and help you obtain the missing information so your claim is complete when you submit it for reconsideration. Whether you need to provide more information to the SSA so they can contact your doctors or you didn’t answer one or more questions completely enough, your lawyer can tell you what is missing so you can fix it.

Some claims are denied at the reconsideration level. If that happens to you, your lawyer can explain the determination letter and advise you of your options. Client who are denied even though they meet the criteria for SSD benefits may take the next step in the appeals process and present their case to an administrative law judge. If you ask for a hearing, your Disability Lawyer in Winfield may help you prepare for the hearing so you’ll have the best chance of a successful outcome. To learn more about how an attorney can help you, contact The Law Offices of Jeffrey A. Rabin & Associates, Ltd.

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