Dependable Divorce Attorney

by | Apr 22, 2019 | Lawyers

Members of the military may sometimes need legal representation, especially during a divorce. Our military divorce attorney Killeen TX offers legal counseling and representation for a member of the military who wants to file for divorce from their spouse. Our military divorce attorney listens to your situation and may be able to help you with aspects of the case such as division of assets, alimony payments and child support. We also help you determine what percentage of your military benefits your soon to be ex-spouse may be able to receive.

If you are currently on active duty, our military divorce attorney Killeen TX can communicate with you over the phone. When you return to the base, you can meet with us in person. We understand that you do not have a lot of control over your schedule, which is why we offer flexible services. Our goal is to provide you with dependable and accurate legal services to protect your rights.

In some divorce cases, there will be contentious issues. You might have children, and part of your divorce may be related to visitation and custodial rights. Our divorce attorneys help members of the military with these issues regu. If your household did not include children, but it does include pets, we also offer negotiation services on how to deal with pet custody.

As a member of the military, you deserve dependable legal representation during a divorce. Whether you are deployed or on base, we offer the representation that you need in order to protect your rights and benefits. Give us at the law office of Seigman, Starritt-Burnett & Sinkfield, PLLC a call any time in order to schedule a consultation. You may also visit us online at website for additional details about our legal services.

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