Disability Attorneys in Jefferson County, MO Can Improve Your Chances

by | Jan 9, 2017 | Lawyers and Law Firms

Social Security is available for people that meet the qualifications of being disabled under their guidelines. In order to qualify, an application and all of the prior employment records and medical reports must be submitted to the agency. Most applications are initially denied for a variety of reasons. However, disability attorneys in Jefferson County, MO can help people who are denied the first time and will represent them at any hearings that are requested to process the claim. After an original denial, there will be a reconsideration level where an appeals hearing will be held.

Technical reasons can eliminate someone from receiving disability, even if their medical condition makes them eligible. Eliminating these bumps in the process are important. Disability attorneys in Jefferson County, MO deal with disability applications on a daily basis and know many of the agency employees, including the Administrative Law Judges that conduct the reconsideration hearings. They understand what it takes to have a successful hearing and the outcome of the case. There are stringent timelines and more forms that will need to be completed when a claim is denied. A disability attorney will make sure their client never misses these important deadlines and they will help them complete the correct paperwork that is needed.

A disability attorney does not request payment during the process. They will only receive payment for their services if the client receives their disability. The earlier someone hires an attorney to help them obtain disability, the chances of their claim being approved increases. If someone’s already applied for disability, they should wait to see if they receive a denial before they contact an attorney. If they receive a denial, they should immediately contact an attorney for help. Early representation in a case can make a difference even at the first reconsideration hearing. Waiting for an actual hearing can take months to be heard. An attorney will give an organized presentation of the medical background

An attorney will give an organized presentation of the medical background, their client’s condition, and how it affected their work history. Don’t delay in contacting the Hoff Law Center to get the help you need with your disability claim.

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