Docs to Bring When Meeting a Workers Comp Attorney in Melbourne, Fl

by | Dec 17, 2019 | Lawyers

You are wondering what you need to bring for your meeting with a workers comp attorney Melbourne, Fl. This is a smart question, and the following is a list of documents that may be helpful when you meet a legal representative from Matheson & Horowitz.

Documents to Bring

  • Summary of the accident with the date
  • Record of present employment, which should include when you were hired, what you do, and your position
  • Recent pay stubs so that the attorney can estimate how much you can earn from this trial
  • When the accident was reported and the supervisor who received this information
  • Copy of written notice that should have been provided to you by your employer
  • What doctor did you visit, when, and any all records regarding that visit
  • Bills related to your medical visits and medications
  • Pictures of the accident, eyewitness contact information along with statements, and the accident report
  • Any correspondence between you and your employer regarding this accident

These are the most important documents to bring along with you when you meet your workers comp attorney Melbourne, Fl. Of course, those who want to be safe could ask the representatives you are going to meet what you need to see if there is any additional information you need to bring.

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