Examining Claims With A Work Injury Lawyer In Vermont

by | Feb 1, 2018 | Lawyers

In Vermont, federal and state laws apply when a worker is injured on the job. The laws require all employers to purchase the appropriate insurance policies to cover liabilities associated with worker-related injuries. A failure to comply could lead to penalties and the opportunity for the worker to start a lawsuit. A Work Injury Lawyer in Vermont provides insight into the laws and how they could affect the worker’s case.

Vermont State Statute 21, Chapter 9, Section 601

According to the statute, a work-related injury includes any injury that occurs while the employee is performing their duties. It covers occupational diseases, conditions that lead to a fatality, and any condition that prevents the worker from performing their duties.

The injuries are covered under worker’s compensation laws and provide payments for medical treatment, hearing devices, prosthetics, and other medical devices required for the worker. The full cost of the expenses is covered under a worker’s compensation policy required by the employer under federal and state laws.

Vermont State Statute 21 Chapter 9, Section 656

The statute explains that the worker must notify their employer immediately following any work-related injury. The worker has a deadline of six months to file a claim for any worker’s compensation benefits.

Vermont State Statute 21 Chapter 9, Section 642

The statue defines a three-day waiting period for workers who will receive monetary benefits under the insurance plan. Any claims that aren’t approved or denied without ten days are retroactive. It also defines some coverage opportunities for mental injuries that resulted from the original accident.

Who is Exempt from Coverage?

The employer is not required to provide worker’s compensation for seasonal agricultural workers. Select contractors who perform services in locations that are separate from the workplace are also exempt. However, the employer doesn’t receive an exemption for contractors who are working within any business-related work environments on or off-site.

In Vermont, all employers who hire more than one employee is required by law to purchase worker’s compensation insurance. The policies provide medical payments for the treatment of the worker’s injuries. Workers who were denied access to benefits contact a Work Injury Lawyer in Vermont through McVeigh Skiff LLP right now.

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