Examining Laws With A Trucking Accident Attorney In Murfreesboro, TN

by | Jul 30, 2018 | Lawyers

In Tennessee, trucking accidents are caused by a wide spectrum of circumstances. Among the circumstances are DUI, exhausted driving, and mechanical issues. The trucking company that owns the vehicle is required to compensate victims if their driver was at fault. A Truck Accident Attorney in Murfreesboro TN helps victims navigate through the red tape after an accident.

Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration Regulations

According to the most recent regulations, all commercial drivers are required to utilize an eight-hour rest period after all twelve-hour driving shifts. The driver is required to log all their driving hours in a log book. At any time that a commercial driver is involved in an accident, the driver must show law enforcement their log book.

Evaluating Commercial Trucks

After an accident, the commercial truck is evaluated. The findings must determine that the driver followed regulations related to weighing stations when traveling. The cargo in the vehicle must meet all restrictions. The maintenance log for the vehicle is evaluated, too. All maintenance requirements must be followed to ensure that the commercial truck is safe to operate.

The Commercial Driver’s Role in the Accident

All commercial drivers who are involved in accidents must submit to a screening for alcohol and controlled substances. If the driver fails, they are charged with a DUI. Certain tests may screen the driver for stimulants that are used to remain awake longer. While exhausted driving isn’t a crime, it is a leading cause of trucking accidents.

The Liability of the Trucking Company

If the commercial driver caused the accident, the trucking company faces the full liability for any injuries and property damage produced. The award in a lawsuit includes the replacement of lost wages, property damage repairs, and all medical expenses for the victim.

In Tennessee, trucking accidents present serious risks to all parties involved. It is more likely that a victim could sustain serious injuries or die as a result of their injuries. Drivers who fail to comply with Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration regulations are most likely to become involved in an accident. Victims who need a Truck Accident Attorney in Murfreesboro TN can Visit the Site or contact the Law Office of Gritton & Gritton PLLC directly.

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