Facts About Bailbond in Oklahoma City

by | Aug 29, 2018 | Bail Bonds

If someone has been arrested and placed in jail, rest assured they are hoping for bail to get them out of jail as quickly as possible. While most people have at least heard of bail, not everybody actually has experience in dealing with it. Here, then, are some interesting facts about Bailbond in Oklahoma City to consider before hiring the bondsman.

Fact One

The bail bond agent is not permitted to negotiate the amount of the bond on behalf of the client. What the bondsman IS allowed to do is to talk to the court on behalf of the client, to arrange funding of the bail, and to actually go down to the jail and post the bail. The cost of the bail bond has been determined even before the arrest took place. This is because there are laws determining exactly how much bail can be charged based upon what the offense is.

Fact Two

Bail is not a right. In fact, the 8th Amendment only states that a citizen cannot receive excessive bail in conjunction with the crime committed. It says nothing about actually getting the bail in and of itself. There are some crimes, such as murder, where bail is not even considered and in some states not allowed at all.

Fact Three

The premium paid to the bondsman to deliver the bailbond in Oklahoma City is not refundable. Even when the person is found innocent, the premium is merely the cost of doing business with the bondsman. Think of this as their wage they have earned for getting the loved one out of jail until the end of the trial or court proceedings.

Fact Four

Bail can be appealed if the person thinks that it was too high in relation to what they are being charged with. Of course, this does NOT mean that the amount will be changed but it can’t hurt to try. A judge may turn out to be sympathetic to the situation at hand and lower the amount of the bail needed to be freed.

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