When a Family Law in Casa Grande, AZ Covers Contempt

by | Feb 22, 2018 | Lawyers

Contempt in family court occurs when a court order is not obeyed. Therefore, a number of actions may lead to contempt in a family court of law. For instance, if a party in a divorce was ordered to pay debts but failed to do so, he or she can be found in contempt.

Examples of Contempt

Cases that involve family law in Casa Grande, AZ may also involve contempt if visitation is disallowed. If visitation was included in a parenting plan or a child is not returned, the guilty party may be found in contempt. He or she may also be found in contempt if they refused to pay child support.

Types of Penalties

Various punishments are issued for contempt in family law cases. For example, a party may be forced to go to jail or pay a fine depending on the severity of the charge. Other penalties may be added as well, such as returning a child to the other party in the case.

You need to speak to a specialist in family law if contempt is a problem. Normally, a motion is filed for contempt of court. This motion is filed in the same court where the original order was issued. The moving party in the case may also need to file an affidavit with the order. A judge typically signs the order, which lists a hearing date.

Serving the Papers

After the order is signed, the defendant in the case is served with papers. The papers are served by a process server or sheriff’s deputy. When the hearing is set, both parties in the case must present their case. During this phase of the action, the moving party must demonstrate that a court order was in effect and that the defendant was aware of the order.

Who to Contact for Legal Help

You can find out more about this aspect of the law by contacting a law firm, such as Alexander Law Offices. Do not delay this type of action if your former spouse has violated any part of your divorce settlement. You can also visit them on Google My Business.

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