FAQs That Are Often Addressed By An Auto Accident Attorney In Hollywood, FL

by | Mar 10, 2017 | Lawyers

In Florida, auto accidents occur for a variety of reasons. Most often these reasons are moving violations. These moving violations place the driver and others at risk each day. This failure to obey traffic laws could result in serious accidents or fatalities. The following are FAQs that are often addressed by an Auto Accident Attorney Hollywood FL.

What Information is Available on the Accident Report?

The information presented by the accident report begins with all drivers who were involved in the accident. The report defines what caused the accidents and who is at fault. It doesn’t present information about how the at-fault driver managed to pay all medical expenses for the victim’s injuries.

Can Comparative Fault Change the Case Altogether?

The victim will lose a portion of their award if they are proven at fault. The percentage assigned to these moving violations determines how much the victim receives when the case ends. If the percentage exceeds 50%, the victim won’t receive any funds through their lawsuit. If it is proven that they caused the accident, they will be required to pay for the other victim’s injuries.

Are There Other Factors that Could Reassign Blame?

Yes, if a driver was drunk at the time of the accident, the victim must prove that this individual caused the accident. While they were guilty of a DUI, it doesn’t imply that they are at fault. If they didn’t cause the accident blame is reassigned.

What are the Typical Awards for These Cases?

Typically, the victim will receive full payment for all medical expenses and auto repair costs. They may receive additional awards based on how detrimental their injuries are. If they were disfigured or sustained a permanent condition, they could receive lifetime funds.

In Florida, auto accidents could lead to death or serious injuries that could alter their lives permanently. These conditions could also prevent the victim from working and supporting themselves financially. These are all factors that are considered during an injury case. Victims who need to meet with an Auto Accident Attorney Hollywood FL contact Law Offices of McCullough & Leboff P.A. and set up an appointment now.

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