Federal Criminal Lawyers Can Help Those Accused Of Drug Crimes

by | May 20, 2016 | Lawyers and Law Firms

While most drug crimes result in lengthy prison sentences, it is important for defendants to know that the government has mandatory minimum sentencing guidelines. Therefore, an infraction considered minor at the state level could land one in federal prison for years. In this article, readers facing drug charges will learn more about the consequences of federal drug offenses.

Federal Drug Crime Penalties Other Than Prison

Other than the federal mandatory minimum sentence, the government can impose additional penalties on those convicted of drug crimes. The list below shows some of the most common punishments in federal drug cases.

  • Federal benefit denial: drug convictions at the federal level can result in loss of benefits such as licenses, contracts, grants and student loans. Drug trafficking convictions can result in loss of these benefits for up to five years on a first offense, ten years for the second offense, and permanently the third time.
  • Forfeiture of real estate and personal property: a person convicted of federal drug crimes carrying a sentence of over one year can forfeit related personal property, such as cars, houses and other assets.
  • Special cases: penalties for drug trafficking vary according to the amount of substance involved, and penalties are more severe on subsequent convictions. If a person dies from the use of an illicit substance, the person convicted faces prison time of 20 years or more, along with fines of up to $8 million.
  • Civil penalties of $10,000 or less may be imposed for the possession of small amounts of illegal substances, whether or not the offender faces criminal prosecution. Those facing civil penalties in federal drug cases should consult federal criminal lawyers to learn their legal options.

Should a Drug Offender Call a Defense Lawyer?

All drug crimes carry the potential for lengthy sentences and heavy fines, but drug offenses at the federal level can carry even longer-lasting consequences. If one is facing a federal conviction for drug crimes, they should consult federal criminal lawyers. In cases where any of the above penalties apply, a lawyer with can explain one’s legal options and they can negotiate a fair outcome. You can also follow them on Twitter for more updates.

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