Filing A Claim With A Workers Compensation Attorney In Melbourne, FL

by | Apr 2, 2018 | Lawyers

In Florida, worker’s compensation is awarded to injured workers to cover their expenses and replace their wages. The insurance policies are required for all employers who hire more than one worker. The policies offer monetary benefits if the worker is unable to return to work after their injuries. A Workers Compensation Attorney in Melbourne FL helps workers who are denied coverage under the policies.

Reporting the Injuries

The workers report their injuries to their immediate supervisor. If the worker is unable to contact their supervisor, an upper-level manager is notified. The employer must start a claim within thirty days.

Completing the Claim’s Process

The claim’s process requires the worker to visit a doctor for a full assessment. The doctor completes the forms and reports the exact injuries to the worker’s compensation insurer. The forms must explain the exact recovery requirements and any limitations that apply to the worker directly. The doctor must determine if the worker can return to work or when they can return after recovery.

What the Claim’s Adjuster Does

The claim’s adjuster reviews the claim and compares the worker’s injuries to the terms of the policy. The worker must qualify according to the guidelines for worker’s compensation coverage. The type of injuries defines eligibility. The events leading up to the injury also determine if the worker is liable for their injuries. For example, if the worker didn’t follow all company policies, it is possible for them to become disqualified for coverage.

What the Worker Can Do if They are Denied

The worker has the option to file an appeal or a legal claim. An appeal is essentially a re-evaluation of the claim, and it doesn’t guarantee coverage. A legal claim is filed against the employer and the insurer. The award includes any lost wages and expenses related to the injuries.

In Florida, worker’s compensation laws prevent employers from using loopholes to deny coverage. The employer cannot deny access to benefits unless the worker’s injuries don’t qualify under applicable laws. Workers who are denied access to benefits contact a Workers Compensation Attorney in Melbourne FL through Matheson, Horowitz & Devonmille and schedule an appointment now.

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