Five Reasons For Filing a Wrongful Death Lawsuit in Davie FL

by | Oct 17, 2016 | Lawyers

Should a person die because of the reckless actions, misconduct, or negligence of another, the one who caused the death can be held liable, even if they are not criminally charged. Even when a murder takes place, a wrongful death lawsuit can be filed in addition to the criminal charges. A wrongful death claim is not contingent on criminal charges or the outcome of a criminal trial. A person can be charged with wrongful death even if they are found not guilty for criminal charges in the death. With this information, individuals will know the reasons they might need to file a Wrongful Death Lawsuit Davie FL.

  *     A wrongful death claim may arise because of medical negligence that led to a patient’s death. The family can hold the doctor or other medical care providers liable for the damages they suffered.

  *     Accidents, such as automobile or airplane, can often lead to death. When an accident takes the life of a person, their family may have the right to sue the one responsible for funeral costs, medical bills, and other related damages.

  *     Criminal behavior, such as assault and murder are common reasons for family members filing a Wrongful Death Lawsuit Davie FL. It is up to the jury to decide if the defendant is held liable for the death and how much they will owe the victim’s family.

  *     Occupational hazards can sometimes lead to death, especially in fields that are dangerous, such as construction work. In some cases, faulty equipment manufacturers or even the company owner can be held liable for the death and the measurable damages it caused.

  *     Supervised activities are another reason a person may need to file a wrongful death claim. When a death occurs because the individual in charge of supervising the activity was not doing their duty, they can be charged with a lawsuit.

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