Get the Best Possible Defense with a Criminal Lawyer in Manhattan, KS

by | Dec 6, 2016 | Lawyer

Being accused of a crime can be devastating to you and your family. It can possibly lead to job loss, fines, and even jail or prison time. Fortunately, in the United States, anyone accused of a crime is presumed innocent in a court of law until proof can be shown the accused is guilty beyond a reasonable doubt. Once contacted and hired, an experienced criminal attorney with Oleen Law Firm can examine the evidence against their client and devise a plan to prevent the prosecutor from proving guilt.

The plan may involve getting all of the details of the client’s involvement, if any, with the case. There could be an alibi that prevented the client from being at the crime scene at the time the crime occurred. This is most likely the strongest forms of proof the accused needs to be acquitted if it can be backed by a witness.

The client could also state that they committed the crime but shouldn’t be held accountable for it. There could be several explanations to support this type of defense. For example, self-defense, accidental death, or a moment of insanity. Often, the circumstances surrounding the crime can lead to a not-guilty verdict or, perhaps, a reduction in charges. A criminal lawyer in Manhattan, KS will investigate the client’s story and determine the best defense that will, hopefully, end with an acquittal.

If those defenses aren’t feasible, the attorney may examine the manner in which the arresting officers handled the case from beginning to end looking for improper methods of obtaining evidence. For instance, if entrapment was involved in causing their client to commit a crime, then their client may not be held responsible for the actions. The attorneys also may question whether or not any or all of the constitutional rights of their client were disregarded by the authorities. Those actions could also lead to a dismissal due to a technicality. It is actually more difficult to prove guilt than innocence. With the plethora of possible defenses, a criminal lawyer in Manhattan, KS can use, the prosecution must obtain very damaging evidence to convict the accused.

A consultation with the proper attorney will determine if there is a possibility of providing a strong defense which will result in the accused party being found innocent. To find out more about working with an experienced defense attorney, click here.

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