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by | Dec 8, 2017 | Lawyers and Law Firms

The Federal Government administers Social Security in the US; it is responsible for paying benefits to those that suffer from a long-term physical or mental disability. Social Security law in Missouri dictates that the disability must be such that it prevents claimants from working for at least one year or expected to end in death.

The law states that the claimant must have reached the age of 18 and be a resident of the US or a US territory. Eligibility is based on “work credits.” The disabled applicant must have accumulated 40 or more work credits, 20 of which must have been earned in the ten-year period immediately preceding the disability.

Factors that are considered:

To qualify, you must meet certain conditions. The SSA, Social Security Administration considers:

   * The length of time your disability is expected to last
   * The disability must prevent you from performing your work or adjust to different work

The medical conditions that are acceptable to the SSA are those contained in what is called the “Blue Book.” If your specific condition is not included in the list, the Administration will make a determination, they will decide on its severity.

To qualify for disability benefits, your disability must be such that you can no longer do your current work. The Administration will evaluate your condition to see if there is alternative work available that you can do. The evaluation takes into account your disability, age, educational attainment, past work experience, and skills. If, after the evaluation, you are deemed unfit to do other work, you are considered disabled under Social Security law in Missouri.

Denial of benefits:

Only about a third of all initial claims are approved, those that are denied benefits are given 60 days in which to hire a skilled Social Security disability attorney and file an appeal.

Social Security law in Missouri is complex and difficult to understand. If you have been denied disability benefits you are invited to discuss your case with Grundy Disability Group, LLC. Follow us on google+.

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