Highland Park Divorce Lawyer Can Help with Illinois Divorce Laws

by | Feb 26, 2016 | Lawyers

If you are contemplating getting a divorce in Illinois and live in the Highland Park area, then you will need help from a Highland Park divorce lawyer to explain all the rules to you. The office of Michael C. Craven has years of experience that is valuable to anyone seeking a divorce and is awaiting your call or email to discuss your case.

Highland Park Divorce Lawyer Can Discuss Divorce Laws

Like other states, Illinois divorce laws spell out the legal reasons that a couple can get a divorce. Either party in the marriage can contact a Highland Park divorce lawyer to put in a request for a divorce without the need for an agreement from the other. Grounds for a divorce are the reasons for requesting a divorce, and don’t mean the same thing as fault. Divorce can be either no fault or at fault, it all depends on the reason the person wishes to separate from the other.

Residency Requirements for Illinois Divorce Cases

If you are seeking a divorce in Illinois, you must first be a resident of the state. Some people think this means you must have been married in the state in order to get a divorce in Illinois, but that the case.

To obtain a divorce in the state of Illinois, you need to be an Illinois resident or a member of the armed forces and was stationed in Illinois for at least 90 days.

Types of Divorce in Illinois

A Highland Park divorce lawyer like Michael C. Craven can also explain to you about the types of divorce in Illinois. These include no fault and fault divorce proceedings.

No fault – In the case of no fault divorce, the law takes into consideration irreconcilable differences of the couple, which are considered as the important reasons why the two should not stay married. These could include things like personality issues, emotional needs not being met, money problems, lack of trust, excessive arguing, etc.

Fault – In the case of a fault divorce some of the reasons that the divorce could be based on include a spouse being impotent, bigotry, adultery, desertion, habitual drunkenness, felonies, mental cruelty, drug abuse or infecting the spouse with a sexual transmitted disease.

If you wish to get a divorce in Illinois, then call or email Michael C. Craven, a Highland Park divorce lawyer, and he can assist you in understanding all the legalities involved and get your divorce proceeding started.

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