Highlighting the Process and Expectations with Workers’ Compensation Attorneys in Mt. Vernon, IL

by | Apr 20, 2020 | Lawyer

Under the state guidelines and laws, all employers are required to purchase workers’ compensation insurance. The policies offer coverage for any injury that occurs while the worker is performing their job duties. The policies also provide benefits that pay the worker a portion of their wages while they recover.

Workers’ Compensation attorneys in Mt. Vernon, IL fight for the worker’s rights to these benefits.

What is the Workers’ Compensation Claim Process?

After any on-the-job injury, the human resources department must complete a claim form. This form is sent with the worker to the emergency room or urgent care facility. The doctor who provides medical care is required to complete the form and return it to the insurance company within ten days.

Once the paperwork is received, a claims adjuster reviews the case. They make a rendering about the case based on the guidelines of the policy. The guidelines determine if the worker is entitled to the benefits based on the severity of their injuries. In most cases, if the worker could return on light-duty, they won’t receive additional benefits. They receive coverage for the initial medical treatment only.

What Happens if the Worker is Denied?

Workers who are denied these benefits have the legal right to file an appeal. When an appeal is filed, the court schedules a hearing that the worker and their attorney must attend. This appeal allows the judge to assess the case and make a determination. If the worker is denied by the court, their last option is to file a formal lawsuit against their employer. During the lawsuit, the worker must show why they are unable to return to work due to their condition.

State laws require any company owner who employs workers to secure adequate insurance. The insurance must cover liabilities, such as worker-related injuries. Any worker who is injured over the course of performing their work duty qualifies for benefits initially. Any workers who are denied these benefits have two primary legal options. Employees who need assistance should contact Olson & Reeves. They represent clients across southern Illinois for a variety of work-related injuries.

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