Should You Hire a Worker’s Compensation Attorney, Find Experienced Professionals in Anaheim

by | Mar 28, 2018 | Lawyers

People get injured at work every day and wonder what options are available to them. The laws state that if someone gets hurt while performing work-related duties and that injury prevents them from working, they have rights. In most cases, it means that any medical care you need is covered by the employer, but it also means that you cannot be fired or demoted because of your injury.

Most employers try to get around the rules by hoping that you don’t know the laws or don’t have legal counsel to help. A worker’s compensation lawyer is there to ensure that your side of the story is heard. Anaheim residents should realize that the insurance company (who pays the claims) have a defense team working against you. Their adjusters are experienced to run you in circles or deny your claim, so it makes sense that you hire someone to help stop those issues.

What They Do

A worker’s compensation attorney is there to make sure you choose an appropriate doctor. You need one that specializes in work-related injuries and workman’s comp settlements. The lawyer also negotiated with the insurance company, represents you at any appeals meetings, and tries to get your case settled before it goes to court/trial. Their primary goal is to get you the most money without having a long, drawn-out process ahead of you.

Tips for Hiring

It is best if the lawyer you choose is local because they know more about the laws governing your state or city. Along with such, you should ensure that they offer prompt and courteous return calls, making you feel comfortable.

A workers compensation attorney in Anaheim is there to ensure that you don’t get the runaround from your employer. Visit The Law Offices of Norman J. Homen for more information.

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