How a Seasoned Medical Negligence Attorney in Connecticut Can Help Victims

by | Apr 7, 2021 | Lawyer

Doctors and other medical professionals must undergo strict training and pass difficult exams to maintain their medical, nursing, or other professional licenses. These individuals are then held to a higher standard when it comes to any mistakes made while on the job.

Most medical doctors have to carry medical malpractice insurance that will help pay for any damages if someone was injured due to a doctor’s negligence, mistake, or outright intentional act that caused an injury. Learn how a seasoned medical negligence attorney in Connecticut can help victims of malpractice and/or their family members.

Some of the More Common Medical Negligence Case Examples

The top leading medical negligence example is misdiagnosing and/or delayed diagnosis. An example would be not running the proper tests for cancer following a suspicious pap smear. Another example is diagnosing someone with high anxiety when the person really is experiencing an overactive thyroid that can cause dangerously high blood pressure, pulse, and heart rate. Childbirth negligence is another common cause of someone filing for medical negligence in oder to seek compensation for a baby’s extensive medical care if a significant event occurred during the childbirth process.

Giving the Wrong Prescription Medication Due to Physician/Pharmacist Error

When a doctor prescribes a medication that is wrong or that a patient is allergic to, this can delay the actual treatment course that is needed. A person may be harmed by taking the wrong medication.

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