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How Can A Collaborative Divorce Attorney In Chicago Help You

Many people have heard people who went from being happily married to wanting to rip each other’s throats out in divorce court. People who go from loving each other one day to fighting over who gets to keep the china and which possessions they want. How do people go from one extreme to the other? When marriages fall apart and people seek to get a divorce things can often turn ugly. That is due in part to the nature of divorce proceedings in the United States. But thankfully people who are getting a divorce don’t necessarily have to go down that route. There is a better option to choose from. That option is called a collaborative divorce.

What is a Collaborative Divorce?

If you and your spouse want to have an amicable divorce and not resort to petty squabbling, then a collaborative divorce attorney in Chicago is exactly the person you need to contact. Collaborative divorces seek to help the spouses work together during their divorce to come to agreement concerning the dissolution of their marriage. These lawyers are trained to help their clients compromise and assist by negotiating the terms of the divorce in a friendlier atmosphere. This is the best way to work out ending a marriage without it dissolving into a battle that wreaks havoc on all the parties that are involved.

The Benefits of a Collborative Divorce

There are many benefits of having an amicable divorce. With a collaborative divorce both of the spouses have more control over the entire process as they work together to work out the agreements of the divorce. Both spouses are able to voice any concerns that they have and know that all of their questions will be answered. This fosters the desire to work together to be heard on all the issues and helps people to feel more relaxed and less apt to lash out in anger or fear. Both parties are in charge of determining the settlement of their divorce rather than letting a judge make all of the important decisions. This is something that both parties appreciate since it allows them to work hard and be willing to compromise to get the things that are most important to them. In addition, these types of divorces save people a lot of money since attorney’s fees and court fees have a way of adding up fast. A collaborative divorce takes less time than a traditional divorce which allows people to move on with their lives and put the difficult past behind them sooner.