The Importance of a Catastrophic Injury Attorney in New London CT

by | Apr 27, 2017 | Lawyers

A Catastrophic Injury Attorney in New London CT is critical for those who have suffered such an injury. The current and future needs alone will be overwhelmingly expensive. On top of that, there may be lost wages, a spouse and dependent children who were supported by the injured party, rehabilitation costs, pain and suffering, loss of cognitive ability, and durable medical equipment to consider. The shock of the injury often leaves family members stressed, worried, and not sure of what to do next. An attorney can help right away so call one immediately.

Advice, explanation of the rights of the victim, what to expect next, a breakdown of options, and desirable outcomes are all discussed in an initial consultation. Questions will be answered as well. An experienced Catastrophic Injury Attorney in New London CT, such as Stephen M. Reck, will begin gathering information, interviewing witnesses, and taking pictures of the scene of the event. Medical records, a list of all involved parties, depositions, and police reports will be reviewed to determine the appropriate recourse for the injured person, If the injury was due to an accident, the attorney would work with an accident reconstruction professional to recreate the event in an effort to understand it and explain it clearly to a jury, if the case goes to court.

Many cases are settled out of court, but only if the terms are agreeable to both parties. It is likely in a severe case that the insurance company will not agree to amounts requested. It is the goal of the attorney to aggressively represent the injured person so the full extent of needs will be met for the duration of the injury. That may mean continued surgeries, long-term care, in-home support, or ongoing rehabilitation. Retraining for an alternate job, if the existing one can no longer be accomplished by the victim may be a condition of any settlement. Support for dependents, compensation for any negligence, and any other needs are considered when determining compensation, how to proceed with the case, and whether or not to settle out of court. Injured parties, family members, or loved ones can go to our website for information, results of previous cases, and to schedule a free consultation.

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