Injuries That Lead People to Contact a Dog Bite Attorney in Nassau County, NY

by | Jan 15, 2018 | Lawyers

Dogs are supposed to be man’s best friend, and that may be part of what makes an attack so traumatic. Many people that experience a dog bite are taken by surprise. They are often dog owners themselves and have never experienced this type of event. The result is that they are left afraid of a creature they once loved and may even be frightened to touch it.

A dog bites attorney in Nassau County, NY cannot make these feelings go away, but they can help their client to get the money they need for counseling and health care as they recover. Visit the website to arrange a free consultation.

Recovering from Injuries

Dog bites typically involve stitches, tetanus shots and antibiotics to prevent infection. Severe attacks could also require cosmetic surgery, physical rehabilitation, and a lengthy hospital stay. The medical expenses may continue for months as the victim attends follow-up appointments. In addition, there is the concern of rabies and the potential need for vaccinations if the animal tests positive for the fatal disease.

Healing Emotional Pain

Post-traumatic stress is common in many victims of dog attacks. The fear could lead to sleeplessness due to recurrent nightmares. Family dogs may no longer seem safe and are surrendered. Children that suffer this type of attack often experience the most severe emotional trauma and without counseling they could remain fearful all their life.

Managing Permanent Damage

As any dog bites attorney in Nassau County, NY has seen, injuries do not necessarily go away within a few days or weeks. Permanent damage is common following a dog bite. The most frequent issue is visible scarring because the attacks are often to the face, throat and hands. Cosmetic treatments may help but are not always able to completely remove the scars. Another concern is nerve damage that leads to mobility issues and could cause the victim to experience chronic pain.

The Law Offices of Joseph J. Perrini, III represents people who have endured an attack or have lost a loved one after an aggressive dog crossed their path. Many of these people had no relationship to the dog owner, and many of the dogs were involved in similar instances in the past. Visit the website to learn more about the laws regarding dog bite lawsuits and to see how the law firm helps victims to get their lives back under control.

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