Labor Law Lawyers in Springfield MA Can Help Workers Recover Unfairly Withheld Wages

by | May 25, 2016 | Lawyers

According to federal law, employers must pay workers for time spent that benefits or is controlled by the employer. Simply put, companies must pay employees for time they cannot spend as they choose because they’re under the employer’s control. Read on to learn when employers must reimburse employees for non-working time.

Education and Training

If the employer requires a worker to attend a seminar, lecture or training session, they must pay the person for the time spent there.

Travel Time

While companies are not typically required to pay employees for commuting time, there are certain cases where they must be paid for travel that’s part of the job. For instance:

* Employees must be paid for time spent traveling from one service call to another.
* They must be paid for time spent traveling to work to handle an emergency.

If a worker believes that wages for travel time have unfairly been withheld, they should contact Connor Morneau & Olin, one of the Labor Law Lawyers Springfield MA.


If employees are allowed a certain amount of time to sleep during shift work, the company must pay them for the time. However, if the worker is on call for more than 24 hours at a stretch, they and the employer must agree to set aside at least eight hours of unpaid time for sleeping and meals. If the employee has to work during that eight hours, or cannot get at least five hours’ sleep, they must be compensated.

Time on Call

An employer’s requirement to pay a worker for on-call time depends on the employee’s restrictions. Generally, the worker must be paid if they have to stay at the workplace while waiting for assignments, or if they’re under the employer’s control.

Break Time

State rules vary on whether workers must be compensated for rest and meal breaks. However, all jurisdictions require employers to pay workers for any work duties done during rest and meal breaks.

Do Workers Need to Hire an Attorney to Get the Wages to Which They’re Entitled?

Employment law is very complex and the rules vary by jurisdiction. Labor Law Lawyers in Springfield MA can help a worker determine what they’re legally entitled to, and they can help the employee file the right paperwork to recover back pay.

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