A Look At Why A Landlord Or Tenant Might Need Legal Services in Nassau County NY

by | Dec 27, 2018 | Lawyers and Law Firms

Renting isn’t always easy. Both tenants and landlords use the help of Legal Services in Nassau County NY to straighten out problems that happen due to rentals. In some cases, problems can be avoided. Anyone who wants to save money on legal fees and who values their time will try to avoid problems in the first place.

The Lease

In a lot of cases, tenants can avoid the need for Legal Services in Nassau County NY if they just read lease agreements more carefully. A landlord can have many provisions in the lease that can cause tenants problems. For example, there are landlords who have leases that state that minor children can’t be left in the home alone. Some even ban tenants from owning firearms. It’s important for a tenant to know what will violate their lease agreement.


A tenant will need to document any problems that they are having with their landlord. For example, if something needs to be fixed, a call should be made to the landlord. With modern cell phones, it’s easy to see when a call was placed. If a landlord doesn’t respond to a call, a letter can be sent that they have to sign for. The tenant should keep a copy of the letter. Voicemails left by the landlord should be saved. Documentation helps to prove a tenant’s claim.

A Landlord’s Problems

A landlord can have similar problems to a tenant. Perhaps they didn’t write a thorough enough lease agreement. That gives them less power to evict a tenant. A landlord could need a lawyer to protect against discrimination charges. That might happen because of a disagreement with a potential tenant. It’s important for landlords not to get into confrontations with potential tenants. That person could try to get revenge by filing a false claim against the landlord. Any landlord that needs help can contact The Law Offices of Peter Morra.

If two people can’t work out a solution to their problem, they might need to involve the court system. When that happens, lawyers might be needed. Sure, a person could represent themselves, but it’s not advisable.

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