What Is Managed by an Elder Law Lawyer in Henderson, NV?

by | Mar 8, 2018 | Lawyers and Law Firms

In Nevada, elder laws provide protection and provisions for seniors. The seniors have protection against unlawful use of their assets and properties. The laws also enable seniors to set up legal permissions for family members. An elder law lawyer in Henderson, NV explains the law to seniors and their families.

Protecting the Senior’s Assets

Under elder law, the senior follow strategies to protect their assets. The estate owner has the right to set up an irrevocable trust for their assets. The trust allows the senior to determine which family member receives their assets. Trust funds are also used to distribute their wealth and prevent outside parties from accessing the funds.

Establishing a Power of Attorney

A power of attorney provides a family member with the right to control certain assets. The document identifies a family member who manages the senior’s expenses if they become incapacitated. The senior adds stipulations into the document to prevent unauthorized use or assets. The stipulations prevent the family member from selling the senior’s assets.

Protecting Seniors in Nursing Homes

Elder law also covers probabilities that occur too often in nursing homes. Abuse and neglect lead to serious injuries and trauma. The law provides assists for families who are trying to protect their senior from abuse. The law enables families to file claims against the nursing home. Staff members are arrested for crimes against seniors such as assault and battery, sexual misconduct, and even rape.

Living Wills and Healthcare Directives

Seniors have access to living wills and health care directives, too. The documents allow seniors to determine if they want extraordinary measures such as life support. The healthcare directives identify one family member as a health care proxy. The senior’s medical decisions are made by the proxy when the senior is unable to make decisions for themselves.

In Nevada, elder laws protect seniors against abuse and neglect in nursing homes. Seniors have the option to set up plans to protect their assets and make determinations about their medical care. Health care proxies and a power of attorney are set up to protect the senior’s interests. Seniors who need assistance from an elder law lawyer in Henderson, NV can visit website right now.

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