Motorcycle Accident Attorneys in Springboro, OH Help Clients Make a Recovery

by | Mar 29, 2016 | Lawyer

Motorcycle crashes are often drastically different than car accidents. Because a rider is exposed and typically travelling at a high speed, an accident can cause serious injuries or even death. Below are some points to consider when a motorcycle accident occurs.

* File a police report immediately: The incident should be reported right away, and the report may be used as evidence during a lawsuit.

* Gather info from witnesses and involved parties: Record names, contact info, and license information from witnesses and other drivers involved in the crash.

* Keep records of medical bills and treatments: If the victim receives treatment for injuries, they should retain records of all medical visits, and they should keep track of income lost due to the accident.

* Write down what happened: It is extremely helpful to have a written record of the events before, during, and immediately after the crash. This should be done early while the event’s details are fresh in the victim’s mind.

Taking the steps listed above can be beneficial when one must deal with insurance companies and if the victim decides to hire Motorcycle Accident Attorneys in Springboro OH to file a personal injury lawsuit.

Determining Liability in Motorcycle Accidents

In motorcycle accidents, courts consider a variety of factors when determining liability for the crash and for resulting injuries. The factors can include:

* Each party’s adherence to traffic laws
* Weather at the time of the accident
* The condition of each involved vehicle
* The motorcyclist’s helmet usage
* The motorcyclist’s driving history
* Testimony from witnesses
* Physical evidence such as broken bike parts or skid marks

There are notable, but subtle, differences between the terms “crash” and “accident.” The term “accident” typically implies that multiple vehicles were involved, but a “crash” often means that only the motorcyclist was involved.

Recovery After a Motorcycle Accident

In many instances, recovery is pursued through an insurance claim, especially if the motorcyclist is the only one involved. However, if the injuries are due to a collision, the victim may sustain severe injuries, and they may be able to Contact Business Name to file a civil suit. These awards cover costs like court expenses, lost income, and medical bills. The amount depends on state law and upon the nature of the accident, and victims should consult Motorcycle Accident Attorneys in Springboro OH, for the best chance at a fair recovery.

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