Obtaining Release From Jail Before Trial With a 24 Hour Bail Bondsmen Service in Stamford CT

by | Dec 4, 2018 | Bail Bonds

The bail system in the United States is tough for people who don’t have much money. Many defendants cannot afford the cash bail amount set by the court for their release before trial. They don’t have collateral to offer instead of cash, such as real estate or a vehicle worth that amount of money. They may rely on a 24 hour bail bondsmen service in Stamford CT, which provides a surety bond for a percentage fee of the bail.

Relevant Statistics

The numbers of people who can’t afford bail are startling. According to The Nation, about 70 percent of jail inmates are only there because they couldn’t pay bail. They haven’t been convicted of a crime, but they are stuck behind bars even so. At first, they may not even have been formally charged with a crime, although there was enough evidence for them to be arrested.

Many have not been arrested for violent crimes, either. They may be in jail because of drug possession, shoplifting or car theft.

The Possibility of Bail Reform

Human rights groups and civil rights advocates have drafted proposals for U.S. court systems to implement instead of the current system. Until bail reform becomes prevalent, many defendants will contact a 24 hour bail bondsmen service in Stamford CT for assistance after being arrested.


Depending on the circumstances, the person arranging for a bond for the defendant from a company like Aces Bail Bonds may need to provide collateral in addition to the fee. The amount of collateral required may be substantially less than what the court demands, however. The title of a vehicle with a reasonable Blue Book value might be acceptable, for example. This provides further assurance that the defendant will not flee upon release. Visit us online to get started.

A municipal or county jail is usually not a place where anybody wants to stay even overnight or for a weekend. Many men and women who have not been convicted of a crime wind up staying behind bars for many weeks as they await a resolution to their case. Not all states allow bail bond services, so they have little recourse.

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