Post-Accident Tips from an Injury Lawyer in Vail

by | Aug 18, 2016 | Lawyers and Law Firms

Being in an auto accident is a frightening prospect regardless of the severity. If the damage was minor and no one was injured, parties may be able to allow the insurers to handle everything. However, if property was damaged or someone was hurt, the victim should visit Heckman and O’Connor to speak to an injury lawyer in Vail right away. Lawyers know state law, and they can prevent clients from saying and doing things that may damage a case. Below are two things lawyers want clients to know about the post-accident legal process.

Keep Quiet

While it may be tempting to “spill the beans” to the insurance adjuster and investigating officers, it is best to wait until hiring an attorney. The police will interview witnesses and take photos, and they can use the evidence to determine who is responsible. While a client is required to provide license, insurance and registration info, they are not legally bound to do more. A person involved in an accident is shaken, and they may say things that can jeopardize a case. An attorney can review the client’s statement before submission to the insurer or police.

Seek Medical Treatment

It is vital that everyone in the vehicle is medically evaluated, even if they feel fine. Sometimes, victims may not feel pain, but they may have internal injuries. If a person waits until an injury is readily apparent, there could be doubt as to the injury’s origin. If a victim goes to the hospital right away, it demonstrates their level of concern and it proves that they are not trying to get free treatment for a pre-existing condition.

It is never a good idea to wait until the insurer’s first offer is declined to hire an auto accident attorney. Accident victims should hire a lawyer as soon as possible, as the attorney can guide the client through the legal process. A victim can eliminate much of the emotional stress and pain of a car accident when they hire an experienced local attorney. With legal help, a client can take time to heal while the injury lawyer in Vail handles everything else.

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