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Reasons an Employer May Need an Employment Attorney In Santa Monica, CA

Even the smartest employer will need assistance from a lawyer when dealing with a lawsuit brought forth by a disgruntled employee. The rapidly changing employment laws make it that much more difficult for you to navigate your way through a lawsuit without the help of legal counsel. The following are a few instances that will require the acquirement of an Employment Attorney in Santa Monica, CA.


If you feel that a disgruntled employee is going to file suit, you should consult with an attorney before going through the process of firing them. Regardless of the reason for the firing, having an attorney who can guide you through this very touchy process can be worth its weight in gold. If the employee has a signed document that limits your right to fire them, an attorney can help you find a loophole in the document that will allow you to carry out this necessary evil. If you have had problems in the past with the employee filing harassment claims against you, having an attorney present will help make sure there are no more harassment claims filed against you.

Mass firings or layoffs are a very touchy subject and can have severe legal repercussions for the employer. If the firings are going to affect benefits such as insurance and pensions, you should assess the liability you may have if you are sued by the employees. Having an Employment Attorney in Santa Monica, CA, will benefit you by hearing about the potential legal issues that may arise and then finding out how to protect yourself against costly litigation.


If you find yourself in a situation where a current or former employee is suing you, it is wise for you to seek legal counsel. Lawsuits involving employment are very tricky and run the risk of costing you a lot of money in settlements. The moment you are served with lawsuit papers, you should call your lawyer and see what your next step should be.