Reasons Behind Compensation and Working With an Auto Accident Attorney in Azle, TX

by | Dec 29, 2015 | Legal Services

A person should contact an attorney if they are in an accident to help them obtain the compensation they are entitled to. However, the person may want to understand a little bit more about why they are entitled to compensation and how the amount is determined. They can do this by taking a look at the reasoning behind the laws that allow them to collect compensation after they have been in an accident.

When a person is the victim of an accident, it stands to reason that they wouldn’t have been injured in the accident if it weren’t for the other person’s actions. The compensation is given to reflect this and to bring the person back to where they were before the accident occurred. The person causing the accident does not have to cover any damage that occurred prior to the accident or damages that occur after the accident that are not a direct result of the accident.

If the accident victim broke their arm during the accident, they shouldn’t have to pay the medical bills to recover because they did not cause the accident themselves. Instead, the person who caused the accident would be held liable and would have to compensate the victim for the medical bills to bring them back to how they were physically before the accident.

If the person’s arm was broken before the accident, the liable party would need to pay for further medical bills if the arm was further injured, but not the original injury because it occurred before the accident. Likewise, if the person broke their arm a week after the accident, it did not occur during the accident and the liable party for the accident is not responsible for their injuries relating to the broken arm.

A person who has been in a car accident can contact an auto accident attorney in Azle TX, for help determining the amount of compensation they are owed by the person who caused the accident. The Auto Accident Attorney in Azle TX, will help them determine the proper amount and help them negotiate with the at-fault driver’s insurance company to ensure they receive the compensation they’re entitled to. This will include the legal fees for the person who was injured, as they would not have had to hire a lawyer if they hadn’t been in an accident.

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